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DECEMBER 31, 2022.


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At Solar Energy Consulting LLC, we constantly seek ways to make our customers experience better. Have you ever wondered what happens when a manufacturer goes out of business or fail to honor their product warranties?  We do.   We have secured additional coverage for your solar systems by way of an extended warranty of 30 years’ protection for solar panels, inverters, roof penetration and labor.  Your solar system investment is a long-term one and we have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your investment is secured and protected giving you peace of mind. There is currently no other solar energy company that provide you with better warranty.  The security of your investment means the world to us.

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Ground Mounted

We install ground mounted structures, parking structures and shade structures based on your specifications. We work with qualified engineers to ensure that plans are done correctly to meet utility and city requirements.

Roof Mounted

We work with your city, utility company and HOA to ensure that all codes and restrictions are being followed installing panels to your roof safely and correctly using IronRidge mounting products.

Solar Patios & Pergolas

Solar Patios and Pergolas are  a new and exciting way to create ambience and electricity for your home. This aesthetic addition will bring you years of tranquility and function.

Solar Parking Structures

Solar carports use a canopy system, so they need little to no additional space. They are a very efficient use of space making them great alternatives to rooftop and ground mount solar systems for retail, commercial, industrial or residential lots.

Smart Home Solutions

Home Control, Awareness & Security, all in one place. Redefine your home experience with better control of your property, smarter protection of what you value most..

Cash or Financing

Switch to solar with affordable monthly payments that are lower than your current electric bill or start saving immediately with zero interest when you purchase your solar system outright.

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Extended Warranty on Solar Panels

Extended Warranty on Workmanship

Extended Warranty on Microinverters



Tara & David G.

Amazing! We love our solar panels and everyone we worked with was very friendly and professional. We highly recommend this company to everyone interested. Every promise they made was fulfilled completely.

Shirky G.

I was extremely excited to tell everyone about my system. I got both my daughter and my skeptical son to sign up. Not only that, I also got a lot of my neighbors sign up. I had no problem telling everyone once I saw the savings. My neighbors loved that fact that if they decided to sell their house, the solar system and the low electric bills is something that any buyer would want. I see it as a badge of being a responsible American.

Chris S.

Fantastic! I was extremely skeptical in the beginning. I read every line of the contract, but after 3 years this is one of the best decisions I’ve made. My electric bill is usually about $18. This is an absolute no-brainer.

Dorothy R.

I had the privilege to find the best solar company in AZ, Solar Energy Consulting. I had been disheartened by so many solar companies, I was about to give up and then I stumbled onto this company. They were up front with everything. They have been very efficient and they kept me informed every step of the process. They did everything in a timely manner. The crew that put up my install were kind and courteous. I can not give them enough praise.