How to Read Your APS Electric Bill After of the solar panels ?

your bill

"You're always going to get a bill" from your service company. but your APS electric bill will look different than it did before you went solar.

What You Owe???

On the first page, you should still see your account information and the overall summary of electricity
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Summary of What You Owe

One of the first things you may notice is that you have a negative balance! This customer’s APS bill shows a negative balance of $97.60!

a negative balance!

see your bills!!!

When you have a negative balance on your APS electricity bill, it is because the amount of electricity you purchased from APS and delivered to your home was less than the electricity you generated with your solar panels and the amount of excess electricity you exported back to the grid, or sold back to APS.

What To Expect!!!

Of course, a properly designed solar PV system should be aimed at eliminating all of your energy costs
Increasing how much money you save from solar, and decreasing your payback period.
However, not every month will be exactly the same, so there are some things to consider: your energy consumption will be higher during certain parts of the year, and your solar output will fluctuate from month to month.
We make sure to include at least one year of historical energy data from your previous energy bills, so that we can paint as accurate a picture as possible in your free solar quote.
If you have questions about your solar PV system or are in the process of researching solar installation for your Phoenix home, we’re here to answer all of your questions!